Exhibitors - who are they?

The Licensing World Russia is organized to give those involved in the licensing industry as much relevant information as possible under one roof during free days.

Among the Licensing World Russia exhibitors:

LWR участники.jpg

galchonok.png Licensors / Right Holders, Brands & TM Owners
galchonok.png Licensing Agents & Agencies
galchonok.png Companies, providing specialist services for Licensors & Licensees (consultants for intellectual property rights, designers, attorneys, accountants etc.)

Exhibitors of the 
Licensing World Russia are looking for the new sales & potential partner Licensees, working in the below listed fields:

galchonok.png Fashion Apparel
galchonok.png Food / Drink
galchonok.png Household / Home Furnishing
galchonok.png Toys / Hobbies
galchonok.png Video / Home Entertainment
galchonok.png Stationery
galchonok.png Sporting Goods
galchonok.png Publishing
galchonok.png Gifts & Souvenirs
galchonok.png Toiletries